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Welcome to the Taos Online Community!

We want to provide a space that is welcoming and inclusive to all where you can discuss your ideas and projects related to social constructionist theory, principles and practices.

As a member of our community we ask that you:

  • Promote an open and inclusive atmosphere; we’re all equals no matter where we share our thoughts and opinions.
  • Keep your comments focused and on topic, according to each post. This helps facilitate the best, most productive conversations. 
  • Protect your privacy. Comments are visible to the general public. You shouldn’t post anything here that you wouldn’t say in public. Protect your privacy and don’t give out personal information such as email addresses, telephone numbers or street addresses. You can read our privacy policy here.
  • Be kind and respectful. Disagreements can lead to great progress. However, insulting individuals will not be tolerated. Comments that use obscenities, personal insults, ethnic slurs or other disparaging language will be removed.

We ask that you do not:

  • Advertise your own products and services. We welcome the sharing of resources and experience but ask that you refrain from advertising resources or services for hire.
  • Spam other community members. Inviting other members to connect is encouraged, but sending spam or generic messages to all of our community is not.

In the end, we reserve the right to make editorial decisions regarding submitted comments, including but not limited to removal of comments. We also reserve the right to revoke membership into the Taos Online Community for abusing your membership by spamming, posting irrelevant comments, selling services or posting hateful comments.

If you have any questions or would like to reach us for any reason, you can email

We look forward to having lively conversations with you!

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