prateeksha sharma

Country India

Job Title Doctoral Researcher- Collaborative Therapist- Musicologist

Company/Organization Name Hansadhwani- + National Academy of Legal Sciences and Research, Hyderabad, India

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  • Thanks, Prateeksha; I look forward to reading your article.

  • Luther

    Yes, I agree that structure is an important concern in music and other arts. In fact not only structure our particular country (which is often compared to a continent) has such a huge spectrum of styles that it is completely baffling. So the only way to deal with it is to remain within a basic idea- about the musical notes, which remain the same, no matter what form of music you work with. I am also trying to deal with this complexity, because I can work a good deal within the classical music idiom, but how many want to really communicate in that language is another issue for me!

    Rock and roll are in fact more egalitarian, unlike classical music, and somewhere those among us who work with the arts have to rack our brains about what is it that we are hoping to accomplish via our forms and structures and whether they are not really hindrances in communication somewhere.

  • prateeksha,

    Thanks for your insights and sharing of experiences.  I think your work with music is particularly fascinating.  It can transcend verbal language and connect us in a very emotional and relational way.  I find this particularly true in the American tradition with rock and roll and it's connection with blues and other forms.  Dance is another way that we can connect with different experiences and share in a myriad of emotions.  In the US contemporary music and dance tend not to be very unstructured which i think has a lot to do with our culture.  How do you find music and dance to be in India in terms of structure and maintaining tradition in their presentation?

  • Thank you indeed would be a pleasure to share my two penny bit with the extremely knowledgeable community of Taos here, including you, especially for your interest in the emancipatory use of music. In fact this is one of the ideas that my soon to come publication in the Canadian Journal of Music Therapy also shares further. I hope to invite many people here to read/comment/engage with the paper whenever I am in a position to share it. Anytime now actually, because the final proofs etc were cleared a few weeks ago. My best regards to you

    Here are a few other details- 

    Abstract: I offer an auto-ethnographic inquiry into the process of finding one’s way out of the maze of mental illness; it is an examination of how in the course of creating music to express my suffering from bipolar disorder, I found a poetic and musical expression for my soul. Making music gradually moved my focus away from illness toward imagination and creativity and brought about a major shift in my positioning in terms of my identity, helping me to construct the selfhood of an artist rather than that of an ill person. This transformation is explored in the context of India’s music and spiritual tradition and the Western framework of resource-oriented music therapy, an approach that prioritizes participant empowerment and uses music for self-care.
  • Welcome, Prateeksha! I'm quite intrigued by your emancipatory use of music . . . hope I can learn more!

  • Thanks Rituu...just moved to Goa, from Delhi :) in fact!

    Indeed I am quite aware of at least some of the work in social construction done in mental health, my own is also touched by social construction in myriad ways. I would be happy to contribute some stories in due course. Look forward as and when that happens. If you can take a look at the blog post I wrote, which was the start of my work in social construction, though research started a lot earlier.

  • A warm welcome Prateeksha! You live in a beautiful state! There are many members here who work on mental health. There is also a group here called counter stories which might interest you, here is the link

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