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Living Stories: An arts-based, relational research framework directed to transformative change in healthcare

Hosts: Kristin Bodiford and Paloma Torres
Researchers: Pamela Brett-MacLean, Minn Yoon, Patrick von Haugh

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"Art+Medicine Collaborative Practice" co-edited by Taos Associate Pamela Brett-MacLean with Lianne McTavish (University of Alberta), recently published by the University of Alberta Press, documents an arts-based, collaborative approach to exploring and communicating the lived experience of illness and disease, led to an exhibition of "FLUX: Responding to Head and Neck Cancer" at the International Museum of Surgical Sciences in 2018, and subsequently informed the development of an interdisciplinary, arts-based, relational research framework, described in an essay by Minn Yoon and Pamela Brett-MacLean in Social Construction in Action: The Taos Institute's Silver Jubilee (Dole et al, forthcoming - also see attached). 

In this call, we will outline and discuss the six guiding principles we have proposed for our “Living Stories” research framework: relational, social constructionism as a guiding perspective; inquiry as embodied, transformational intervention; triadic, co-researcher collaborative structure; co-created, evolving, reflexive arts-based inquiry approaches and processes; creative, multi-faceted, future-forming approach to sharing inquiry outcomes; and expanding matrix of relationships. 

We look forward to exploring ways of fostering openness to relational research and facilitating processes directed to transformational change. In addition, recognizing that outcomes of relational research can be varied and unpredictable, we look forward to discussing outcomes that are important to document - both from the outset, and that we should also mindfully create space for, as they arise - not only for all who are integrally involved, but also funding bodies, etc.

Read these two papers about this research project.

Suggested pre-reading, two essays 1) Living Stories: An art-based, relational research framework directed to transformative change in healthcare2) Opening to the possibilities of interdisciplinary collaboration

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  • Thanks to Kristin and Paloma for organzing and hosting this call. And thank you to Pam, Minn and Patrick for sharing your amazing relational research journey. The recording the call will be availble soon.

  • Thank you Minn and Pamela for sharing your story of arts-based and collaborative research with patients! We look forward to continuing conversation in this discussion area. 

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