Relational Research Network

Relational Research Video Series - 2021

Welcome to the Taos Institute's Relational Research Network Video Series. In this series, we will explore research from a relational perspective. With more than 25 videos in this series, in both English and Spanish, we will hear from people working with a relational research process. And we will learn about related values, concepts, and practices.

To start, here are some of our ideas:

  • Research from a relational perspective embodies a philosophical and co-creative stance. It is thus not a method, per se, but rather a collaborative way-of-being.
  • Engaging from this perspective entails an ethical responsiveness to a focus of inquiry. Recognizing that reality is created through language and social structures means it can also be re-created. 
  • Relational research is a process that is attentive to broader relations and interactions. The purpose is to expand possibilities and co-create transformative potentials.

We hope you enjoy the series and invite you to join in the conversation. Use the comment section below to add your voice, comments, questions, resources, etc. 

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