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Please contact -  Kim Davis - 479-685-2197 -

Calling all AI Practitioners - Please consider participating in a study on Determining the Impact of an Appreciative Inquiry Consultation.

My name is Kim Davis and I am currently working to complete my dissertation in pursuit of my Doctorate in Education in Transformational Leadership with Concordia University-Portland.  The title of my dissertation is Determining the Impact of an Appreciative Inquiry Consultation.  As the title indicates my study centers around Appreciative Inquiry, which is an approach to organizational changes that is centered on positive questioning and focuses on what is working within organizations to build relationships between colleagues and transform organizations. My research interest is in determining how Appreciative Inquiry practices have had any impact in effecting positive outcomes.

To identify the determinants of impact I am requesting AI practitioners complete a three question reflective survey about a particular consultation of their choice. I am asking that the response be in writing or may be recorded and emailed to me for transcription. After the transcription is finished I will submit a copy to you for an accuracy check. Transcription should only take 24 hours. Once the transcription is approved I will schedule a 15-20 minute interview with you via WebEx to ask three follow up questions or gain any clarification needed from the survey questions. This will be recorded for transcription with a copy of the transcript submitted to the participants for accuracy checking.  The final component will be a focus group conference call with all participants via WebEx that should not exceed 30 minutes on Friday, June 29, 2018, at 3:30 pm (Central Time). I am hoping for your participation or a referral to someone who may be able to participate. I am anticipating having these conversations completed within this week and defending my dissertation within 6 weeks. Thank you, in advance, for your consideration of participation in my dissertation research.

Projected timeline for time commitment:

Day 1:  10 to 15 minutes to respond to three survey questions in writing or via recording. Send survey response to Kim Davis at

            Day 2:  15 to 20 - Minute semi-structured interview with AI practitioner and Kim Davis.

Day 3:  Participants attend WebEx conference call as a group forum to discuss findings.

             (20-30 WebEx call)

Guided Questions for Semi-Structured Dialogue

  1. Discuss a time when you felt your AI consultation had an impact on the organization or person. Please provide as many details as possible without compromising any confidentiality. (Purpose/goals of the AI consultation, basic structure of the process, participant response and level of engagement, etc.)
  2. Describe how you determined any impact from that intervention.
  3. Which specific tools, measures, or applications, do you use to identify the impact of your Appreciative Inquiry consultations? Please provide a sample (blank or without confidential information) of the documents or tools used to determine the impact.
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