Taos 20th Conference

An Invitation from the Taos Board of Directors

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20th Anniversary Conference



We joined together in Taos, New Mexico for a relational hoedown as we celebrated and shared the inspirations and innovative practices that have shaped and will continue to shape our creative constructionist community.

We engaged with over 185 people in Taos, and another 90 online, (about 30 countries represented) in lively and provocative conversations that moved constructionist theory and practices forward. Gather with old friends and new in the Taos family.We had 15 participants who were at the very first Taos conference in 1993. We thank them for being a part of the Taos Institute for the past 20 years.

We had 68 participants who were attending a Taos conference for the very first time in 2013.

To see a copy of the Program, click here.

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